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Angel of Eventide is more than a story of the supernatural, it is a deeply penetrating tale of human frailty and the divine romance that continually pursues us. Elle Powers is a gifted storyteller with a bright future.”

—Billy Coffey, author of Some Small Magic



“A supernatural being shadows the last flickers of human lives. He is Seamus: a guide, a gifter of peace, an angel of death—welcome by some, dreaded by others. After millennia of faithful, unquestioning service, he is tempted by love. Should he rebel against his heavenly calling? Is love all it’s cracked up to be? Intelligent and lyrical, Powers’s characters are humorous, feisty, and divinely human. Seamus, as our bridge, demystifies death and encourages us mortals to live for now and for ever.”

—Patricia J. Esposito, author of Beside the Darker Shore

“Elle Powers has created a world both charming and sinister in her latest novel, Angel of Eventide. A romance, a theological meditation, and an action-adventure are all rolled into a plot that readers will think they have figured out—until the final surprising, and satisfying, scenes. This is a tale of supernatural love and very mortal struggle, and anyone who has wondered about the angels will be entranced by this story of Seamus and Maren, the most star-crossed pair of lovers imaginable.”

—Sarah Kennedy, author of The Cross and the Crown series and Self-Portrait, with Ghost

“Two small words: what if? These are your invitation to explore Elle’s ‘brave new world.’ This is not your ordinary romance—it comes with a twist and a generous dollop of mystery. Like a dessert you have never had before, but with the first taste you want nothing else. By the end of this tale, you are left with one simple request: Please, more!”

—Martyn Wood, author of the upcoming Realm World series



Angel of God, my guardian dear, in whom God’s love commits me here, ever this day be at my side, to light and guard, to rule and guide. Amen. Have you ever wanted to talk back to your Guardian Angel? Have you ever wondered where he was leading you? Have you felt rebellious and just wanted to be stubborn? If you have felt these ways at times, you’ll really like this story of Maren and her own personal guardian angel! A wonderful story with a dash of Irish mysticism.”

—The Reverend Charles C. Carman

Wintergreen, Virginia

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